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wolfsbride's Journal

Wolfsbride Writemore
22 August 1970
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agni & rudra, alan rickman, alastor, alastor/dante, angelology, angels, animals, anime, arkham, bobby/beast, bobby/hank, books, bookslash, boondock saints rps, boondock saints slash, boondocks saints, cats, chaka, chaka/daniel, chaka/daniel otp, chow yun fat, clannad, classic movies, connor/murphy, daffy duck, dance, daniel/rock, daniel/rock otp, dante, dante/jester, dante/sparda, dante/tony redgrave, dante/vergil, dante/vergil otp, demonology, demons, devil may cry, devil may cry 1, devil may cry 2, devil may cry 3, devil may cry 4, devil may cry slash, devil may cry yaoi, devils, doctor who, doujinshis, dragons, eating, ebony & ivory, eva, fanfictions, food, ghosts, gregorian chants, gun kink, gunplay, gunsex, harry potter, harry/snape, history, internet, ireland, japan, jester, kittens, knife kink, knifeplay, knifesex, knives, languages, latin, logan/bobby, logan/gambit, logan/gambit/scott, logan/peter parker, logan/remy, logan/remy/scott, logan/scott, london, lord of the rings, lotr rps, lotr slash, magic, mangas, medieval, methos, mimos, movies, music, mythology, nelo angelo, obi/maul, occult, ocelot, otacon, otacon/snake, paganism, priest sex, priests, qui/maul, qui/obi, reading, reading slash, religion, reno, reno/rude, researching slash, robin of sherwood, rocky horror picture show, role-playing, rps, singing, slash, sleep, snake/box, snake/otacon, sparda, sparda/eva, star trek, star wars, supernatural, sushi, swords, tattoos, thunderstorms, tigers, tom baker, tony redgrave, troy rps, twincest, unas, vampires, vergil, vergil/arkham, vergil/dante, vergil/griffon, vergil/ifrit, water, weapons sex, wicca, witchcraft, wolverine/cyclops, writing, xmen, yaoi